We, as responsible individuals, know that showing up is not enough. We believe that the hateful and reckless abuse of power inflicted upon people of color is wrong. We will do our best to openly support those who have been oppressed. We will seek meaningful, diverse, relationships, because we know it will enhance the lives of all of us. 
As individuals, we will take our commitment of equality into our businesses, our activities and social lives. We will support minority businesses whenever possible. We will strive to embrace diversity in our agencies, businesses, schools, and places of worship, because we know that this will be the foundation of constructive change. We will seek to empower those who have historically been marginalized. We will be trustworthy for those who have little reason to trust us. In keeping with our mission to eradicate racism, we acknowledge the existence of White privilege and will do our part to eliminate it. Our motivation is driven by compassion and empathy, rather than guilt.  
We support quality education for all and believe that Black history is American history. We know that we can’t change the past, but we will change the future. We are committed to practice acts of kindness whenever the opportunity arises. We will smile while looking directly into peoples’ eyes. We will sit next to the person of color on a bus when given the choice.
As individuals, we will be responsible leaders who courageously call out bigotry and speak out in ways that are most likely to be heard. We will seek new and diverse friendships and watch the backs of our oppressed and abused friends. We will work together, because we recognize that our diversity is a gift.  We believe that the shame of these current days will be the legacy of our century and so will the changes that rise from the ashes. 
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