Martha's Vineyard Diversity Coalition is a community based initiative dedicated to building a strong, unified and  diverse network of committed Islanders, who want to eradicate racism. Our strength is in our diversity and together we will provide a model of action, equality and peace. As a group we will model for others and provide an opportunity for our community to understand the barriers that prevent equal rights for all. Our collective mission is to effectively and ultimately eliminate inequality and injustice.
  1. Provide workshops to build human connections and promote the understanding of privilege.
  2. Provide a safe, caring and healing place to learn about one another and for planning either in person or virtually where possible.
  3. Connect and collaborate with Island organizations who share our mission.
  4. Provide school based curriculum through our associated network members.
  5. Celebrate and empower one another in our individual efforts to reach a common mission.
  6. Develop a virtual network to communicate and implement initiatives.​

    Martha's Vineyard Diversity Coalition

    "Only you and I can end racism."

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