It began as a point on an island and spread to points farther and farther, until there were no more points, just a continuous circle of diverse connections.

Sandra Pimentel


The survival of America as a democracy is threatened by racial animosity and divisiveness.


MVDC envisions an America without racism where all people live in peace with one another.  We envision an America where people of all backgrounds have equal access to opportunities and where all of our citizens understand how diversity enriches the fabric of our lives.

While the eradication of racism will not occur in the near future, we are committed to laying a foundation that will serve as a pilot  for others across the country who want to join our circle of hope.

The Pandemic

As we face the challenges of COVID-19, Martha's Vineyard Diversity Coalition is creatively adjusting activities and planning for the future.


We see media stories of the teams of people serving us all and saving lives. They reflect America at its best. As we look at their faces we see white, black, and brown. Some of the workers come from Asia, Latin America or India, others from Europe, the middle east, or Mexico, and some were born in our own communities. But the one thing they have in common is that they are all trying to take care of us, each other and their families. Their courage and humanity is a gift to all of us.


During these difficult times, Martha's Vineyard Diversity Coalition honors our diversity and we are striving to promote a common message of equality and connectedness.